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Futures are hinting at a higher open after positive economic data from China and FedEx said before the open that its first-quarter earnings are likely to exceed guidance. Yesterday’s fifth-straight market rise left the Dow up 9.7% this year. Will we hit six in a row today?

Brown Brothers Harriman notes that a streak of six up days hasn’t happened since June 2007. Back then the S&P 500 was bouncing around above 1500.

The S&P’s current level of


Shelby lowering price of $20k GT500KR hood after web outrage erupts
Shelby proudly announced that GT500KR body parts would only be sold to owners to prevent the emergence of shadetree replicas. But exclusivity has its price — something one owner discovered after an unfortunate incident with a road-going critter. Limited-edition CCXR Trevita to shine like a diamond. Well, millions of them, actually
With all the new of Koenigsegg’s acquisition of Saab, you might have

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Most Kia dealerships are in rural and second-tier urban areas because real estate in markets like New York and Chicago are just too expensive. With the contraction of Ford, GM and Chrysler dealerships in those areas, Kia retailers are finding that now is the time to enter the big time.
In particular, Kia appears to be interested in Saturn dealerships. Kia executives told Automotive News that they like Saturn stores because they’re newer, more exclusive, and – more to the point – available. Kia is going after Saturn dealers in three ways: Current Kia dealers are opening up additional locations at former Saturn sites; Saturn dealers are converting their stores to sell Kias; and Kia is asking Saturn store owners to open a separate Kia store close-by, then share a common parts and service center.
One Kia dealer, Billy Fuccillo, has turned a Saturn dealer near Syracuse, NY into a $2.8 million super Kia dealership equipped with such indulgences as granite-lined bathrooms. Fuccillo already owns the top-selling Kia dealership in the US, and he says his new store, in a more prominent location, will fare even better. He plans to sell more than 3,000 vehicles per year and as many as 500 this month. As part of his opening marketing push, Fuccillo will give away five Kias and four Hyundais to one person. He’s going to deliver all nine vehicles via car-hauler to the individual’s home. That’s a bit crazy, but converting Saturn dealerships to Kia stores seems to be anything but.
[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req. | Image Source: Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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You, too, can buy a $300 Tesla Roadster with exhaust pipes
One word: fail.

CARB asks DOE to restore hydrogen vehicle funds
Another word: again?

Ethanol-free gas a hot seller in Florida
Want some fuel that isn’t full of corn? These Florida gas stations know you do. Other news:

  • European scrapping schemes driving small car sales
  • Zero X vs Quantya Track electric off-road shoot out
  • Envy alert: cruising in a Tesla Roadster in Hawai’i

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Honda CR-Z concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

With news coming in that Honda isn’t selling nearly as many Insight hybrids in the U.S. as it would like, it would seem the Japanese automaker could go one of a few different directions. It’s possible that Honda could reverse course on hybrids and focus instead on incremental improvements to its already excellent line of internal combustion engines. Alternatively, Honda could double down on its hybrid program and commit to more models and development. It’s this latter path that the automaker seems to favor.
According to a report in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper in Japan (via Green Car Advisor), Honda President Takeo Fukui says the automaker is working on two new hybrids that would cost less than the Insight’s already low $19,800 starting price. We’ve already heard about the planned Fit Hybrid, but we’d be a bit surprised if the second low-cost model were the upcoming CR-Z hybrid hatchback, which is expected to join Honda’s lineup as a 2011 model.

Gallery: CR-Z hybrid concept

[Source: Green Car Advisor]

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The scalpel of bankruptcy that is slicing off GM’s sponsorship activities hasn’t touched NASCAR’s top tier Sprint Cup series, but the Nationwide and Camping World Truck series’ have been trimmed. NASCAR drivers Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Kevin Harvick have teams running in the lower two series, and have been told by GM that they will lose funding.
Harvick runs three trucks in the Camping World Truck Series and hasn’t commented on what GM’s move will bring. Earnhardt, with the backing of Hendrick Motorsports, fields two cars in the Nationwide series and a team spokeswoman said “we are fully capable of adjusting our business model to this change” to continue racing.
For now, Chevrolet has no plans to pull out of NASCAR entirely and the Sprint Cup remains immune to the cost cutting. As the red carpet event, everybody knows the fans want to see Chevrolet doing the ovals, and we imagine there will be quite a few other painful measures taken before the Bowtie would bow out of oval racing.
[Source: AP via Google News]

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It appears that the Peapod has emerged unscathed from the recent turmoil of Chrysler’s brush with bankruptcy. In fact, the little neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) with the big friendly (or evil, depending on your point of view) smile is now riding about the 35 mph-or-lower streets of California, where it is making lots of friends, including the governor of the state, Arnold Schwarzenegger. The former Hummer owner has fallen, by his own admission, “… in love with it.”
At a recently held press conference with the Governator and Chrysler’s Chief Innovation Officer, Peter Arnell (and Christine the Peapod), it was revealed that 2,400 residents of the Golden State have already placed themselves on the waiting list. The vehicles, along with the iPod necessary to operate them, should start shipping sometime in October. Hopefully we’ll have the chance to park one in the ABG garage by then and see if makes us smile, too.

Gallery: GEMs Peapod

[Source: YouTube]

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