September 2009

Tesla Model S to spawn other derivatives including van, CUV, minivan
It’ll take a while to get used to the idea of a Tesla minivan, but we’re guessing it’ll look stunning.
Electric car “purchase consideration” doubles since 2007
Considering isn’t buying, but for cars that aren’t here yet, this is exciting news.

Average new car mpg levels hit record high in August, spurred by Cash for Clunkers
Unsurprising, but good to hear. Now, what’s next? Other Source: Autoblog RSS Feed


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e-Wolf e2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
Shortly after debuting its Lotus Seven-esque e1 electric sportscar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, e-Wolf has released images and details of its next model, the e2. Unlike the open-topped e1, the German firm’s e2 followup will feature a shape clearly inspired by any number of supercars from Italy, particularly the Lamborghini Reventon and Ferrari Enzo. If you’re going to copy, might as well go Source: AutoblogGreen RSS Feed

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2009 Alfa Romeo 159 – Click above for high-res image gallery
The current Alfa Romeo 159 is a bit of a Jekyll-and-Hyde affair. Unspeakably gorgeous on the one hand, its aging, Saab-based platform means its dynamic performance doesn’t come anywhere close to cashing the checks its aggressive styling writes out. So those enamored of its design will be happy, but those disappointed by its drive will be disappointed, to learn that theSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

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2009 Honda Skydeck Concept – Click above for hi-res image gallery
This is the Tokyo Motor Show-bound Honda Skydeck concept, a minivan that is, essentially, a perfect storm of non-standard-hinged door technology. Those doors lead to a passenger cabin featuring center-mounted floating seats that are stackable for easier access to the third row. From there, passengers can take in the breathtaking vistasSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

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Ferrari P4/5 Competizione – Click above for an image gallery
Remember Jim Glickenhaus’ Ferrari P4/5? Unveiled at Pebble Beach back in 2006, the re-bodied Enzo was designed by Pininfarina to mimic the classic lines of the legendary 1967 Ferrari P4 racecar. With just a single example built, the P4/5 is truly a one-off design. Or so we thought. According to Glickenhaus’ statements on the forum, heSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

How many people are inside you? And more importantly, which one has the special skills and personality traits that you need right now to achieve an important goal?

Today’s topic is #4 in the 8 Mistakes Men Don’t Makeseries, and it’s a killer. Resisting duality describes what we do when we are unwilling or unable to take on different personas in different situations to achieve certain objectives or fulfill certain roles.

You Are Multifaceted – Use It!

You are not Source: Business Pundit RSS Feed

If you’re in the market for the new 2010 Mercedes E63 AMG, then today, my friends, is your lucky day. Mercedes-Benz has taken the liberty of publishing a number of comprehensive press releases detailing the model, with topics covered ranging from the E63’s engine and chassis to the sedan’s development and testing stages.

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