October 2009

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2010 Hendrick Motorsports 25th Anniversary Callaway Camaro – Click above for a high-res image gallery
We’ve already added plenty of Camaros to our must-see list at SEMA, including variations from Hurst, Lingenfelter, and Yenko. Now we can add one more to our schedule — this Callaway-built Camaro commissioned by Hendrick Motorsports for their 25th anniversary. An appropriate production run of 25 is plannedSource: Autoblog RSS Feed


By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve ever purchased something at an Apple store, you’ve probably noticed those handy little devices they use to ring you up. If you’re using plastic, they just scan your purchase, swipe your card and send you on your way without stepping behind a register. If you’re observant, you’ll also notice that the handheld device is a Windows-based PDA. How embarrassing. At least they are taking steps to eliminate these handhelds from their stores.

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Mini Countryman concept — Click above for high-res image gallery
Everyone is getting ready for the Mini Countryman — including, perhaps, the WRC — but everyone is going to have to wait, according to a report by those Mini-mad folks at Motoring File. The holdup is the upcoming BMW X3, which is BMW’s foremost concern right now as the little crossover is practically as important to BMW as a Euro print plate is to theSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

Yellow Pages Group has relaunched the YellowPages.ca site:

From the release out this morning:

The new YellowPages.ca features a cleaner overall design with simplified search criteria and highly intuitive auto-fill functionality that suggests up-to ten locations in the ‘Where’ box to make searching for local businesses and service providers effortless . . .

In addition to boosting the site’s overall presentation and functionality, enhancements have beenSource: Screenwerk RSS Feed

Getting featured in App World is one of the best things that can happen to your app. It gives you great exposure and users can find your application without clicking through to categories.

BabyGO! was first seen on BlackBerry Cool and it’s an application like no other. The app locks down the device so you can give it to your child and let them play with it. It has an element of education to it, as the app says the letters that your kid presses, allowing them to absorb the alphabet atSource: BlackBerryCool RSS Feed

President Obama was at Democratic Party fundraising events for incumbent Democratic Governor Deval Patrick in Massachusetts Friday night.

The Boston Herald’s Hillary Chabot described the attendance at one of the events (HT Jules Crittenden, who is a Herald editor, via Instapundit) as “barely half-full with 125 deep-pocketed Democrats” in the second paragraph of her report (”President Obama: ‘Tough race’ ahead for Gov. Deval Patrick”).

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Rhys Millen Racing RM460 Genesis Coupe – Click above for high-res image gallery
We’ve been keeping tabs on Rhys Millen Racing and their construction of a V8-powered, mid-engine Hyundai Genesis Coupe for the last few weeks. Called the RM460 Genesis Coupe, this car will make its official debut at SEMA in early November, but we’ve got the first rendering of the exterior right here for ya.
As we’veSource: Autoblog RSS Feed

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